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Department of Materials

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Spintronics and Magnetochemistry on the Atomic and Molecular Level


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«In einer idealen Zukunft sind wir überflüssig»
Seit 20 Jahren kämpft Equal um angemessene Bedingungen für Frauen und Männer an der ETH Zürich. Das Jubiläum feiert die Stelle für Chancengleichheit mit einer Ausstellung und einem Podium. Mehr

The objectives of the Department of Materials at ETH-Zurich are to conduct world-class materials research and to produce materials scientists and engineers who are educated at the highest level. »»


World Economic Forum (WEF) in China / 12.09.2014

Jennifer Rupp, Professor for Electrochemical Materials, presented at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in China in a special session titled, "Discover! New Material Science" and was selected as a scientist on "The Energy Revolution", a WEF panel that discussed smart grid technologies and off-grid energy storage solutions with politicians and economists. ETH News: English, (Deutsch)

Polymers in Two Dimensions / 14.08.2014

The ultrathin material graphene is the current favourite of many materials scientists. Materials scientists in the group of Prof. Dieter Schlüter, Professor of Polymer Chemistry, have now managed to create a synthetic polymer that is almost as thin. This is the first time that a flat synthetic polymer has been produced and its structure analysed using X-ray crystallography. ETH News: Deutsch, English, Nature Chemistry

At the Frontiers of Magnetism / 09.05.2014

The smallest possible magnets are the size of a single atom. Now scientists have reached the limits of optimisation of the tiny particles: they have created single atom magnets that are as strong and stable as is physically possible for the class of atoms used. Prof. Pietro Gambardella, Professor of Magnetism and Interface Physics, is one of the leaders of the study published in the journal Science. ETH News: Deutsch, English, Science Journal

Spark Award 2014 / 12.03.2014

ETH Zurich’s Spark Award 2014 goes to Professor Jennifer Rupp, Professor for Electrochemical Materials, Sebastian Schweiger and Felix Messerschmitt. They have developed a powerful and energy-efficient data storage device for mobile electronic devices. ETH Zurich awarded the prize to its most innovative and economically promising innovation of the past year. They won the competition for the most promising patent application of the past year. ETH News: Deutsch, English, Youtube video

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